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Greetings from Newfoundland

Gus in high gear - photo credit: Richard Sassaman

September 2019

Hello Friends!

Wow – what a summer! Thanks to everyone who came out to the 40 odd shows on the Ciao for Now Summer Tour that brought me to the far reaches of Maine and beyond. A special shout out to my GGs (Tony, Mike, John, Daniel), and fine musicians and most excellent human beings Mathias Kamin, BSinger and Eric Horschak who jammed with me both on and off the stage.

Fall finds me in St. John’s Newfoundland as a first year student studying French language and Political Science under the International Bachelors of Arts program at Memorial University and trying to crack into the music scene to make some noise on George Street.

Thanks for supporting my music and me. Turn it up and stay in touch.


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