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2021_02-26_Young Tradition Vermont interview with Mark Sustic 

For one segment of the show  Set list: Russian Lullaby (Unknown)/Gavotte (Unknown)/Killers of Fun (R. A. La Casse and Tristan Henderson)/Atlas Obscura (R. A. La Casse)/Ned Kendall's (Trad.)

2020_07-09 Ellsworth American Fiddler on Fire by Mike Mandell


2018_08 Gus La Casse and Eamon Sefton at the American Folk Festival Stone Poet Publications

2018_08_American Folk Festival Interview w/ News Center:  Young Mainer To Perform at American Folk Festival

2018_08_American Folk Festival interview w/ Kayla Fish FOX News: Local Fiddler Living His Wildest Dream

2018_05 Colby College Soundscapes Project with Caroline Winslow and Lily LaMarre

2017_01-10 Lucky Clark on Music: Gus La Casse talks about the upcoming concert at Somerset Abbey in Madison.

2016_06-17 Dirigo TEDxDirigo

2016_06-16 MDI Islander: Acadian traditions inspire fiddler

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