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Gus La Casse & Eamon Sefton


August 24, 25, 26, 2018

It’s a kitchen party at the American Folk Festival! 

Gus La Casse and Eamon Sefton met when they joined forces at the legendary Club Passim as part of the 2018 Boston Celtic Music Festival. 


Eamon, a guitarist known for percussive rhythm and clever use of harmony, is a sought-after Celtic-style guitarist from the Boston area.   


Gus, based in Downeast, Maine, is a dynamic folk fiddler with both speed and savage energy, playing a repertoire reflective of his innovative spirit and dedication to the Acadian and Cape Breton fiddle traditions. 


Together, Gus and Eamon will feature the lively kitchen party music that is sure to make you want to clap your hands, stomp your feet and dance!

What is a kitchen party?  


The Order of Good Cheers (L'Ordre de Bon Temps) was originally a French Colonial order founded by suggestion of Samuel de Champlain upon arrival in New France, present day Nova Scotia, Canada.


 Champlain encouraged his men to hold regular dinners as an antidote to their difficult conditions.  It is said he laid the foundations for the hospitality and music you’ll still find all along the Acadian coast and at Acadian kitchen parties.   

Photo credit:  Brennish Thomson

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